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Carol E. Miller

Events: The Story of a Life Renewed

Book: Every Moment of a Fall: A Memoir of Recovery Through EMDR Therapy

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Carol E. Miller holds a PhD in English and creative writing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She taught writing and literature for a decade at the college level before working in academic administration. She launched her commercial copywriting business, Red Pentameter, in San Francisco in 2004, and now runs it from Sebastopol, in the Sonoma wine country. Her poetry has appeared in Partisan Review, Spoon River Poetry Review, Salamander and other journals.

At age sixteen, Carol survived a plane crash. It was October of her junior year at Concord-Carlisle High School. Her mother, father, younger sister, and she crashed on an approach to Hanscom Field. Her parents were critically injury, and her sister was killed. Carol was trapped in the wreckage, and it took Concord police and firefighters close to an hour to get her out.

Every Moment of a Fall is Carol’s account of recovery from the trauma using the eye-movement therapy Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). She ushers the reader into the room where she meets week after week with her EMDR therapist. As their sessions progress, we revisit the family’s airplane crash and feel the suffocating crush of the smashed fuselage where 16-year-old Carol was trapped.  We inhabit the strange visualizations her psyche concocts to set her free, and participate as she moves toward healing by gradually consigning her traumatic memories to the past.

“A primer on the impact of life-threatening trauma as well as the healing power of EMDR.  Both author and reader emerge from the story grateful for grace.“
—Jessica Stern, author of Denial: A Memoir of Terror