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Julia Glass

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Book: A House Among the Trees

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In her five novels, Julia Glass turns her supple and delicate prose to the intricacies of love and family. The Boston Globe observes that among her chosen subjects are “parents and children, the ephemerality of beauty, the inexplicability of desire, the nature of ‘lasting love,’ and the definition of family.”

Glass’s first novel, Three Junes, was the winner of the 2002 National Book Award. The three-part tale takes place during the Junes of 1989, 1995, and 1999, following one Scottish family through moments of grief and joy, closeness and distance. “Masterfully,” Katherine Wolff writes in The New York Times Book Review, “Three Junes shows how love follows a circuitous path, how its messengers come to wear disguises. Julia Glass has written a generous book about family expectations–but also about happiness, luck, and, as she puts it, the ‘grandiosity of genes.’”

In her latest novel, A House Among the Trees, the unusual bond between a world-famous children’s book author and his assistant sets the stage for a richly plotted novel of friendship and love, artistic ambition, and the power of an unexpected legacy.

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Julia attended Yale College, where she earned her BA as a Scholar of the House in studio art. She began writing fiction in her early thirties, publishing her first short story at age 37 and her first novel at 46. In 2002, she dedicated her National Book Award to late bloomers of all kinds. In 2004, after 24 years in New York City, she returned to Massachusetts. She is proud to be a cofounder and the literary director of Twenty Summers, a nonprofit arts festival based in a historic barn in Provincetown.