October 19 - November 5, 2017

Concord, Massachusetts

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Peter Swanson

Events: Mystery Night 2016

Book: The Kind Worth Killing

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Peter Swanson is the author of two novels, The Girl with a Clock for a Heart and The Kind Worth Killing. His poems, stories, and reviews have appeared in such journals as The Atlantic, Asimov’s Science Fiction, Epoch, Measure, and Notre Dame Review. He has won awards in poetry from The Lyric and Yankee Magazine and is currently completing a sonnet sequence on all 53 of Alfred Hitchcock’s films.

In Swanson’s latest novel, The Kind Worth Killing, Ted Severson meets the stunning, mysterious Lily Kintner on a late flight from London to Boston. Over one too many martinis, the two strangers play a game, one in which they begin revealing more and more intimate details about themselves. Ted talks about his wife Miranda—how his marriage has gone stale, how a week ago he caught her in a serious betrayal. But what begins as playful banter takes a swift turn when Ted claims, half-seriously, that he would like to kill his wife for what she’s done. Then Lily surprises him by saying that she’d like to help.

Back in Boston, Ted and Lily forge an unusual bond and talk about the ways Ted might get out of his marriage. But Lily has her own dark history she’s not sharing with Ted, a legacy of murder that stems from childhood. And Ted is keeping something from Lily as well. As they move their plan forward, his motivation becomes less about getting Miranda out of his life and more about getting Lily into it. But as Ted begins to fall involve with Lily, he grows anxious about any unseen holes in their scheme that could give them away. The two are pulled into a very lethal game of cat and mouse, one in which there may be more than one loser and more than one of them left dead when it’s all over.