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Peter Clenott

Events: New Literary Voices

Book: Hunting the King

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Peter Clenott was born in Portland Maine and is a graduate of Bowdoin College. A prolific author, he is particularly drawn to issues of conflict and spirituality, faith and responsibility.

His debut novel, Hunting the King, is about the race to uncover the most prized archaeological find of all time — the tomb of Jesus. Amid the chaos of the 2003 Iraqi invasion, American archaeologist and biblical expert, Molly O’Dwyer hunts for the tomb. Derisively called Cindy-Anna Jones by her rivals, and with the U.S. military, Iraqi fighters, and other antagonists on her trail, Molly embarks on an action-packed adventure.

Booklist called Hunting the King “a very readable thriller ... (a) compelling variation on the familiar theme of a lost artifact that could change the world.”