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Amy MacKinnon

Events: New Literary Voices

Book: Tethered

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Amy MacKinnon is a freelance writer whose commentaries have appeared in the Christian Science Monitor, Seattle Times, Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Sacramento Bee, Patriot Ledger, and on NPR affiliates and “This American Life.”

Her debut novel Tethered is the haunting story of a young undertaker who spends her days and nights among the dead — that is, until her meticulous existence is brought to an abrupt end when she becomes overly involved with an investigation into an unidentified girl found murdered in a nearby strip of woods.

The story was inspired by an annual Christmas dinner Amy’s aunt and uncle host in their antique Victorian home in rural Massachusetts. The family celebrated the holiday on the second floor, one floor above her uncle’s funeral parlor. One Christmas, her uncle showed the family through the parlor’s refurbished rooms and then led Amy down another flight of stairs through a labyrinth of basement tunnels. Shortly after that holiday visit and tour, the young woman undertaker and the story of Tethered came alive.