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William Giraldi

Events: New Literary Voices 2011

Book: Busy Monsters

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William Giraldi teaches at Boston University and is Senior Fiction Editor for AGNI. His nonfiction and fiction have appeared in The New York Times Book Review, Kenyon Review, The American Scholar, and several other publications. His essay on amateur bodybuilding, “Freaky Beasts,” received a Pushcart Prize and was listed among Most Notable Essays in Best American Essays 2010. His essay “The Physics of Speed” was a finalist for a 2011 National Magazine Award.

Giraldi’s debut novel, Busy Monsters, is an exuberant modern-day picaresque about the cost of love-struck obsession and the inevitable monsters of every human heart. Memoirist of mediocre fame, Charles Homar has a problem: his bride-to-be, Gillian Lee, has nixed their nuptials and fled to the high seas in search of a legendary giant squid, unleashing an unholy heart wreck upon him. In a hell-bent effort to prove his mettle as an American male and win back Gillian’s affections, Charlie crisscrosses the nation seeking counsel, confronting creatures both mythic and real, and then writing about his travails every week for a popular magazine.