Concord, Massachusetts

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Mary E. Mitchell

Events: New Literary Voices 2010

Book: Americans in Space

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Mary E. Mitchell is the author of a previous novel, Starting Out Sideways. She also has published non-fiction and essays in The New York Times, The Boston Globe, and The Boston Herald. She is a recipient of the New England PEN Discovery award and a two-time alumna of the Squaw Valley Community of Writers. For years she has taught writing at Bethany Hill School, a living and learning community in Framingham.

In Mitchell’s latest novel, Americans in Space, life is a challenge for 36-year-old Kate Cavanaugh, high school guidance counselor to a motley group of at-risk students. Two years after finding her young husband dead in bed beside her, Kate’s storybook life has vanished, and she and her two children are reeling. When a tragedy occurs at her high school, it’s Kate who finds herself in need of counsel and guidance. What she does next catapults her and her family on a trajectory into space—toward understanding, forgiveness, and healing.