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Kathleen Lockwood

Events: Family Life in Major League Baseball

Book: Major League Bride: An Inside Look at LIfe Outside the Ballpark

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Days after graduating as an English major from Regis College in Weston, Kathleen Lockwood walked down the aisle of the Holy Cross Church in Springfield to marry Skip Lockwood then stepped into the world of Major League Baseball. Her honeymoon was spent on a road trip to Tiger Stadium in Detroit and Cleveland’s Municipal Stadium, where she received a totally different education provided by the major league baseball community as a Major League Baseball Bride.

Kathleen Lockwood spent the next twelve years in the company of some exceptional women on six different teams, including the Red Sox, as her husband was periodically traded, sold, sent down, brought up, and finally released. Her memoir, Major League Bride, is a diary of growth, a journal of struggle, and an account of bizarrely truthful stranger-than-fiction events involving eccentric teammates. Focusing on the strength of committed relationships and the importance of trust in a world full of pressure and temptation, she offers a rare feminine insight into the personal lives of athletes and expounds on the value of female friendships and the loneliness of moving and the difficulty fitting into new groups.