Concord, Massachusetts

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Ellen Rogers

Events: A Monkey and a Miracle

Book: Kasey to the Rescue: The Remarkable Story of a Monkey and a Miracle

A single mother of five in her mid-fifties who lost both her first husband and stepdaughter to cancer, Ellen Rogers has endured her share of tragedy; but nothing could have prepared her for the June 2005 car accident that left her son Ned Sullivan a quadriplegic with brain injury.

When she heard about Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers for the Disabled, Ellen contacted them about receiving a monkey to help Ned cope with his disabilities. Enter Kasey, an adorable, mischievous, fun-loving capuchin monkey who helped Ned see the world in a new way. It is a story about revival of the spirit and the courage to go on, about the near-miraculous healing effects of an animal’s love, and a fascinating look into a monkey’s highly developed mind.