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Iris Gomez

Events: New Literary Voices 2010

Book: Try to Remember

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Iris Gomez is the author of two poetry collections and the recipient of a prestigious national poetry prize. She is also a widely respected attorney who is an expert on immigrants’ rights. Born in Cartagena, Columbia, she now lives in the Boston area.

As her debut novel, Try to Remember, opens in 1968, Gabriela is fifteen years old, living with her father, mother and two younger brothers near Miami, Florida. They have come to the U.S. from Columbia, and though her parents both hold green cards, Gabi is afraid that they will all have their cards confiscated and be sent back to their village in Columbia. Her fears stem from the fact that her father behaves erratically and her brothers get into trouble in school. Amidst this chaos, Gabi is coming of age. She is trying to individuate, make friends, understand the rituals of dating, and daring what she might do with her life.