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Scot Miller

Events: Walden Woods Project Presents Illustrating Thoreau: A Photographer’s Story

Book: Cape Cod: Illlustrated Edition of the American Classic

A native Texan, Scot Miller’s interest in photography began in the 1970’s. However, since his fist visit to Yosemite National Park in 1990, Scot’s photography has become a much more serious pursuit. “From my first trip there, Yosemite inspired me to take my photography to a whole new level,” says Scot. “The grandeur is amazing. To capture the park in a truly unique perspective has been and continues to be a great challenge.”

Scot has expanded beyond Yosemite with his nature and scenic photography, photographing throughout the world and all over the United States. His latest book, Cape Cod: Illustrated Edition of the American Classic by Henry David Thoreau, features 62 of Scot’s color photographs taken over a two year period.

Eighty-nine of Scot’s color photographs are featured in Walden: 150th Anniversary Edition of the American Classic, published by Houghton Mifflin in 2004. The Harvard Museum of Natural History has developed “Thoreau’s Walden: A Journey in Photographs by Scot Miller,” a traveling exhibition that features twenty-nine of Scot’s fine art photographs from the book. The exhibition was featured at Harvard until October 2005 and is currently on a multi-year museum tour throughout the country.