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Suzanne Owens

Events: The Poets of Finishing Line Press

Book: In the Lake's Eye

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Suzanne Owens’ book, The Daughters of Discorda, about criminal women — the first feminists, their history, society, and the laws that bound them — was published by BOA Editions, winning the A. Poulin Jr. New Poets of America prize in 2000. Suzanne won the Frank Cat Press chapbook award in 1996 with Theater Poems. Her other books include In the Lake’s Eye, published by Finishing Line Press, and Over the Edge. Poems from a new manuscript won first prize in Margie: The Journal of American Poetry. “Cat Scan” placed second in the Anne Stanford Poetry Prize contest, University of Southern California Anthology, 2004. Her work has appeared in Nimrod, Mississippi, Ploughshares, and Ontario Review.