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John Hanson Mitchell

Events: Urban Natural History

Book: The Paradise of All These Parts: A Natural History of Boston

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John Hanson Mitchell is the author of ten books of nonfiction, including Ceremonial Time, Walking Towards Walden, Looking for Mr. Gilbert, and The Rose Cafe. In much of his work he uses “Scratch Flat,” a single square mile of land in eastern Massachusetts to address the larger issues of what it means to be living on earth in our time.

Mitchell’s latest book, The Paradise of All These Parts, investigates Boston’s natural history, exploring a variety of habitats as he ranges outward from the core the peninsula where the Puritans first settled to the ancient rim of the Boston Basin, within which the modern city now lies.

Along with his nonfiction work, Mitchell is editor of the award-winning magazine, Sanctuary, published by the Massachusetts Audubon Society. In 2000, he was given the New England Booksellers’ Award for the body of his work.