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Dan Tobyne

Events: Thoreau’s Cape Cod

Book: Thoreau's Cape Cod

Dan Tobyne, a photographer and native New Englander, has been involved in photography for over forty years. He is an artist member of the Marblehead Arts Association and a member of the Griffin Museum in Winchester. His work is on display in public and private collections throughout New England and is featured in Boston’s Emerald Necklace.

From 1849 to 1857, Thoreau took four walking tours of Cape Cod. Walter Harding called Thoreau’s book about those tours his “sunniest, happiest book. It bubbles over with jokes, puns, tall tales and genial good humor.” A new edition of Thoreau’s Cape Cod is brought vividly to life by Tobyne’s brilliant photography. Retracing Thoreau’s steps to find what can still be seen of Thoreau’s Cape Cod, Tobyne shares images that are matched to corresponding passages from Thoreau’s prose. Much of the pristine beauty that inspired the naturalist 150 years ago is still there to inspire and uplift us today.